Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Hey Guys! 

Stace here. There is so much going on at Camp Thinkergirl with one very big thing being that The Thinkergirls is all grown up and has its own space to play. 

This page will still have some new things to come but anything related to Stace (me) & Kristie as The Thinkergirls will live here. 

We love our new home and watch this space for what will come of Thinkergirl.com.au

Thanks for the support, 

Monday, December 7, 2015
The Thinkergirls join the KIIS Network for national nights show!

Hey Guys, 

This is the biggest news we have ever had to date!! If you want to hear us express how thrilled and greatful we are listen to this week's show here - 


Stace & Kristie


ARN is excited to announce The Thinkergirls, Stacey June and Kristie Mercer, will be taking over the airwaves with their brand new national night show on the KIIS Network from January 2016.

Talking all the thoughts you’re thinking but not saying, The Thinkergirls will bring their honest, inquisitive and hilarious take on all subjects including, but not limited to, relationships, fashion, sex, work and other everyday oddities.

Listeners will laugh along with The Thinkergirls and their crazy adventures while also being privy to the sort of insight that could only otherwise be achieved by eavesdropping on a conversation between besties.

Best known for their highly successful podcast, Thinkergirls: The Podcast, which has a cult following online, Stace & Kristie’s latest sketch videos have reached over a million views across multiple social media platforms and with the new launch of the #RealLYF Series, they showcase fun, yet also serious topics.

Meet The Thinkergirls here as they get ready for their new gig at KIIS FM.

ARN National Content Director Duncan Campbell said The Thinkergirls will add a new dimension of engagement for the KIIS network’s audiences.

“We’re excited to be welcoming Kristie and Stacey to ARN, their podcast and video series is incredibly successful and I know our listeners are going to love their unique and hilarious take on the world. The Thinkergirls will bring yet another dimension to the KIIS Network with their honest, real-life content both on-air and online.”

ARN National Agency Sales Director Matt Granger said the addition of a national nights show would further strengthen the KIIS Network’s commercial offering.

“The national KIIS Network already has a compelling offering for advertisers and clients, and our new night show with The Thinkergirls reinforces our commitment to creating engaging content across multiple platforms, where we can deliver even greater integrated communication solutions for our agencies and clients.”

Stace & Kristie can’t wait to take over nights on the KIIS Network.

"We have always loved radio but wanted to create a show you aren't already hearing. The topics we have the most fun with are often cheeky, can even be a little saucy but we seem to get away with it by always having a laugh and being unapologetic. Kristie and I are so excited to be settling in at our new home on the national KIIS Network night show and we promise it will be something you won't find anywhere else" Stace said 

"We are proud we dig a little deeper just as you naturally do with your friends, on all the things happening in the outside world you are thinking but don't always say. Because we are already mates, there is no topic too taboo, too trivial or too challenging that we don't want to get stuck into. Stace and I talked at length last night about struggling to break up with friends as an adult and both agreed - this must be a topic on the show!" Kristie added. 

Kristie has been a radio presenter on the central coast, regional Victoria and Townsville, while Stace was a radio presenter in Cairns and regional Victoria. The two found each other through their love for radio, creating their successful podcast and their work partnership pretty quickly became a lifelong friendship. Kristie has been a passionate writer and columnist for many print and online media outlets and along with Stace writes a weekly The Thinkergirls column for news.com.au. Stace has recently been busy on regular guest spots on national radio and TV programs and runs Thinkergirl Pty Ltd which is creates online and TV content for women. 

The Thinkergirls will be heard every weeknight from 7pm to 9pm on the KIIS Network


Monday, November 2, 2015
Maz Compton joins The Thinkergirls for Thinkergirl: The Podcast

Hey there,

It's been a huge week at Thinkergirl HQ! We've been poppin' bottles because our latest skit has had HUNDREDS & THOUSANDS and even more hundreds of views.That's more viral than a doctors waiting room! If you missed them, then check them out below!

We also had the darling Maz Compton with us this week and she shares how she felt when they were told their show was finishing up. She tells us not only about taking it in your stride and carrying on, but what her & Dan's plans are for next year beyond sleep ins and going to bed at a normal hour.

This week on Thinkergirl: the Podcast..

Kristie talks about women fat shaming ourselves. Why do we do it to ourselves? We talk ourselves down in front of other women to make them feel better. You won't see guys doing that.

Stace has had another WTF sex dream. There's a giant banana, a man from her past and... it's a long story.

And cushions, cushions, cushions. You might think it's something to do with a 24 hour sale on at Bed, Bath & Beyond, but it's just Maz debachifying her mans bach pad. 

And so if two wrongs don't make a right, try three.

Stace & Kristie x
So you lost your dream gig, what happens next?
Friday, October 30, 2015
This is the worst kind of breakup you’ll go through

By Kristie Mercer
BREAKUPS are tough. But you didn’t need me to tell you that. I’m sure you’ve experienced heartbreak first hand, most likely a few times over too. It’s awful.
Missing someone so much your stomach aches, that heavy disappointment of all the things you’ll never share together, the embarrassment of failing to make things work. How do you readjust when you can’t really remember a day without the other person in it?
Life feels weird for a while, like you’re walking around with one shoe on. Unbalanced, partly naked. At times you think it’s hard to imagine feeling any worse. But allow me to provide you some perspective … you can. Feel worse that is. There is one type of breakup that’s a thousand times more traumatic than any dude I’ve ever split with: a bestie breakup.
It plays out in the familiar ‘breakup’ kind of way, just WAY, WAY WORSE. Mainly because you never see a friendship breakup coming. When you make a commitment to a best mate, you assume that the relationship is lifelong. You plan on being each other’s bridesmaids, having kids at the same time (then plan your kid’s wedding together so you can become sister-in-laws. #LifeGoals.) You mentally-note hilarious adventures you can recount when you’re both old and adorable sitting in matching rocking chairs together like “remember the time when …”
So when it all comes crashing down, your heart breaks. You mourn the things you never actually shared together (and also the ‘best friends’ jewellery that’s now too weird to wear. It looked really cute on you too).
I’ll never forget a bestie breakup I had shortly after high-school. I’d been drifting from this friend for a while, pretending not to notice because that might somehow make it real. Sometimes that happens though, you go through stages within relationships. Things aren’t always perfect or always easy, but the ones you stick out regardless are special. And I thought that’s what we had together … something special.
And if that wasn’t enough, the reasons for her ending it stung almost as much. I ‘made her a bad person’ and she ‘didn’t like who she was becoming around me.’ She instructed that ‘we could continue to say hi at parties, but nothing more.’ Not only had I been dumped, I’d been humiliated and slapped with a self-made restraining order!
If I’d hooked up with her boyfriend, aired her dirty laundry in a drunken maid of honour speech or even stolen a baby name she’d had dibs on since we were teenagers, then I could understand. Then there might be grounds for such a formalised, aggressive end to an otherwise beautiful three years of friendship.
I almost wished I’d done something definitively wrong so when family kept asking me ‘what’s happened to you two?’ I could answer with something other than ‘I’m a terrible human being that doesn’t deserve mates.’ Because for a little while I believed that.
Bouncing back from that loss is hard and it takes a while to put yourself out there again.
If only there was a ‘Tinder’ for friends, where you could swipe right on potential replacement BFF’s. It sounds a whole lot easier than striking up friendships with chicks in nightclub toilet queues … because let’s face it, that’s where I started looking.
Kristie Mercer (left) is one half of The Thinkergirls.
Kristie Mercer is one half of The Thinkergirls — who love to chat on their podcast about all the thoughts you’re thinking but not saying. Find the girls on Facebook orYoutube.

Monday, October 26, 2015
UK Writer Emma Gannon on Thinkergirl: The Podcast

Hey there,

Don't tell anyone but we might not be able to afford the phone bill this month. We've been dialing going the steady with our long distance carrier. But mostly just because we welcomed our first international guest! Self stalked by Kristie on Instagram, Emma is a legit writer for UK Glamour mag & has her own blog Girl Lost in the City! (Yep like she gets paid & everything you guysss)

But in more super fun news it's finally time to get out your glow sticks as we have something so special to share with you guys! Our new skits are here and they are going to bigger than tamagotchis were in highschool. Keep scrolling and you'll find the links to our new series, or if you're impatient like us just go ahead and click here.

This week on Thinkergirl: the Podcast..

Emma Gannon talks about writing her first book. How much she learnt about herself for writing it, but why she wished she'd started it earlier. Plus we get all gushy about a mutual love of Elizabeth Gilberts book Big Magic.

Kristie talks compromises. We never want to make compromises, but when it comes to relationships, is it sometimes just tough luck if you want to make it work? 

And what do you actually want in the bedroom? Stace is actually lost for words for probably the first time since the early 80's when a guy asks her what she wants when in the horizontal position.

Until next week,

Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.

Stace & Kristie x
Thursday, October 22, 2015
The ridiculous wedding traditions we need to toss.

By Stacey June
I DON’T want to come across as a bitter, single bridesmaid, but I’m just not sure about weddings, and the utter generalisations that still come with them.
I like to think that perhaps, if I am able to choose what fro-yo toppings I can have and whether I have soy or almond milk in my coffee that it’s acceptable to question prehistoric rules about the major promises I make in front of the people that I love.
So here are a whole heap of outdated activities that I think it’s time to ditch. Because when you go back through the archives, they just don’t make sense anymore.
Princess Kate sticking with tradition.
Princess Kate sticking with tradition.Source:AP
The actual word wedding refers to a “wager”. This tradition was formed so the bride’s father would setup a type of contract with the groom that he would barter for land or social status in exchange for his girl. Therefore transferring “ownership” from father to groom on her wedding day was an actual legality. ZOMG. I feel like a leg of lamb. I mean I would be lamb, not ham … more expensive. But I AM NOT AN ANIMAL OR A PRODUCT FOR PURCHASE.
The tradition of wearing white didn’t start for the reason you might think. Picture: Alex Coppel.
A lass by the name of Queen Victoria was said to be one of the main reasons the white wedding dress sparked popularity more than tradition. She wore it because, well, she liked white. The connotations of virginity we all understand around the colour white popped up later in the picture, where Victorians began to idolise innocent brides.
“It is an emblem of the purity and innocence of girlhood, and the unsullied heart she now yields to the chosen one,” said the Godey’s Lady’s Book years later. (Vomit). I like white. I like Brides in white. But this makes me a little uncomfy.
Matching! Picture: Joe Scarnici/Getty Images
Matching! Picture: Joe Scarnici/Getty ImagesSource:Getty Images
In the time of the Romans, law dictated there be ten witnesses at a wedding. Each witness was to dress as similar as possible to the bride and groom in hopes of confusing the evil spirits and scaring them away.
But why, in this day and age, do we expect the precious women in our lives to all fit into the same gown? Hello curves, boobs and skin tone! It is almost impossible for everyone to feel comfortable and attractive in the same gown as the bride’s cousin Glenda from Townsville. (No offence to Glenda, she just has her own style).
Catch! (Photo by Pablo Blazquez Dominguez/Getty Images)
Catch! (Photo by Pablo Blazquez Dominguez/Getty Images)Source:Getty Images
The tossing of the bridal bouquet is an English custom and was believed to be a way for the bride to pass along her good fortune to others. Bridal guests would try and tear away pieces of the bride’s clothing and flowers in order to obtain this fortune. And when they say fortune, they mean husband.
To stop ruining poor bride’s pricey gown, the tradition was changed to her tossing the bouquet into the crowd for a special lady to catch in hope that the good fortune (husband) would be transferred and boom! She will be the next in line to marry. Because that’s all there is to life, right? Marriage.
Does this photo of Ice-T and Coco really need a caption? Wow. Picture: Todd Williamson/WireImage
Does this photo of Ice-T and Coco really need a caption? Wow. Picture: Todd Williamson/WireImageSource:Getty Images
This barbaric tradition started in the 14th centaury where wedding guests considered it lucky to get a piece of the bride’s clothing. Again like the bouquet, to preserve her dress, the bride started throwing the garter at the male guests. As the male guests became rowdier, they tried to tear the garter off of the bride’s leg themselves. In an attempt to preserve his new wife’s dignity, the groom started to remove the garter himself and toss it to the single men. How full on!
We can all sit back and easily choose to not take these things too seriously, but if you think that a man ripping a garter off a woman’s leg and throwing it to his mates for someone to “score” isn’t contributing to a bigger issue then you’re foolish.
It’s important moving forward that we look at what these traditions mean to us and start creating things that are right for our relationship; as individuals and as couples. No two love stories are the same and nor should we want them to be.
Personally, I’m not too worried about what Queen buggerlugs from the 14th century was doing nor does my Dad have any camels to swap me for should it all go to s**t! So as you can see, some of these ideas don’t really work for me.
Make up your own rules, love birds.
Stacey June (right) is one half of the Thinkergirls.
Stacey June (right) is one half of the Thinkergirls.
Stacey June is one half of The Thinkergirls — who love to chat on their podcast about all the thoughts you’re thinking but not saying. Find the girls on Facebook orYoutube.
Monday, October 19, 2015
Australian comedienne Tegan Higginbotham on Thinkergirl: The Podcast

Hey friends!

Mondays can be a bit of a drag, but we're fist pumping for Monday because we have some exciting news to hollaaa! As we boldly stated last week we've got a heap happening here and we are excited to kick off a brand new set (like matching bra and knickers) of new videos! A heap of new skits and LOL's to be had in your inbox very soon. Not to mention special video features now available of our podcast! (You can see us talking about the smack we do!) Find it all on Facebook or subscribe to be notified on Youtube

We'll also have news on where to find us in our new home (virtually) next week but like any Saturday night you can't be rushing a girl while she's getting her hair did'. 

But let's not forget our favourite child. This week on Thinkergirl: The Podcast we chat with Australian comedienne Tegan Higginbotham you might have caught her lately on Have You Been Paying Attention & The Project, she gets in on a seriously awkward conversation...

"I want to talk about male ejaculation, just in general" says Kristie Mercer. Kristie thought it would be a great idea to talk about the how, why and taste of everybody's most uncomfortable topic. Sure. Why not?

Tegan talks Christmas (IT'S COMING!) and the pressures we put on ourselves each year. We of course, get side tracked into talking about potato salad. Potatoe, potato? Who knows. 

And. Living with Anxiety. Sometimes we all have a lot on our plates and the pressure affects us all differently. Stace shares her personal battle with anxiety on tough days & how she copes with it.

And remember, if you think it, it's probably true.

Stace & Kristie x
Wednesday, October 14, 2015
Baring it all for nude yoga: Stacey June road tests the new naked trend

I COULD begin this piece by telling you I was attending a nude yoga class on a Friday night for research purposes for this article. That my editor here at news.com.au sent me the information and asked me to go along for a giggle. But that would be a lie.
I pitched the idea to write about the class because I was filled with curiosity and as a regular yoga goer and I wanted to give it a go.
So as my friends were downing their third espresso martinis I was deciding in my rushed shower at 6pm (the class started at 8pm) whether I should get rid of my three day shadow … down there.
I was filled with questions. What kind of maintenance will others have? If au natural types attend this kind of affair, will I be the only one without a full bush?
I had quickly gone from excited curiosity to fear and concern. What kind of people would be there? Who would be looking at me through their legs in downward dog and seeing my natural — slightly saggy — boobs hanging from my chest? Would there be lesbians there? What shapes and sizes would the bodies be? What happens if someone’s cheeks are spread so wide I am disgusted rather than humbled and can’t look away? Would people see my vagina?
My thoughts were starting to feel like a circus. A naked freak circus. But what I was about to experience was far from it
As I walked into the yoga studio I was approached by Rosie Rees, the event organiser and I was feeling a little anxious. She had a kimono on and was lovely, warm and exuded calm. We had met when she was a guest on our Thinkergirl podcast so was willingly waiting for me to arrive and asked me to grab a towel and my kimono. I smiled at her, graciously walked away.
Kimono? I had a hot pink fluffy dressing gown! You know the kind — it was so daggy I may as well have thrown hot rollers in your hair and called myself Mrs Mangle.
Once I got over this major roadblock, I chose a mat and sat down. Everyone had different kimono style robes on so it was comfortable and felt a little like a sleep over was about to happen. It actually felt very innocent — a little school like. The event was a woman only event, and after not too much time, the air in the candle filled room was awash with a combination of nerves, yet openness. It was far from a nudist sanctuary. Rosie asked us to sit in a circle and say our name and share a little bit about why we were there. During this her robe was completely open, and I found myself being mesmerised by her breasts. It isn’t often you see the naked body of someone you barely know.
All covered up, one by one each woman opened up and shared why they were there. I was in tears by some of the vulnerability women displayed. They shared stories of their breakups, alcohol struggles, having babies, body issues, wanting to feel sexy but having a sense of lost sexuality, not sleeping with their partners for long lengths of time; the list went on.
I was so moved at how present everyone was, and how open the women were to give this a red hot go.

And just like that, I was sitting in a cross legged position looking across the room at 22 bare backs. I could see different size bums, long hair, short hair, different waists, different postures. It was really beautiful. I was most confronted about how I kept accidentally touching parts of myself that I wouldn’t usually. I was sitting cross legged naked, you can use your imagination.
The class slowly built up and when I say built — it was the slow build that was a game changer for me. The breathing and audible releases were FULL ON. Slow building breathe. What does that remind you of?!
There were elements of tantra that were advertised on the website — but, um, I think I missed this part of the description. Before I realised, we are all making sounds that I have only ever heard in the bedroom, and pretty quickly I was back inside my own thought circus (Insert clown music). Am I a part of a group orgy? What will people think of me when I write this? Why does this feel so natural yet weird? The breathing was the same as a normal yoga class — but all of a sudden it was a little sexual without clothes!
Once I surrendered to not worrying about what people thought of me I was able to relax into what was happening. Looking at everyone stand in front of me, for a small moment, I started to remember being a kid running through the sprinkler with my brother and my cousins and not having a worry in the world. I was instantly thrown a sense of sadness. We lose this innocence and so much of the way women feel about their bodies becomes complex and unhealthy.
It started to awake things in me about my own body and sense of self. My insecurity about my ‘round face’ was brought to the surface when Rosie asked us to close our eyes and touch something we disliked. Tears streamed down my face as I stopped for a second and considered the amount of times I had berated myself on this.
Yeah sure, I was confronted by looking into people’s bum holes at times. OK, the entire time. For yogis reading this — chair pose had a whole new meaning! It certainly isn’t going to replace my regular yoga practice, and nor is it intended too, but It was the most fulfilling, challenging experience.
And while it was rewarding and I would encourage women to trial something similar to explore their sexuality and treatment of their bodies; at the end of the day, I do really enjoy fashion. And clothes. Clothes are fun.
But when I think back on the experience, instead of thinking about the uncomfortable giggles, I think of the word ‘courage’. Because that is the word I would use to describe the women I shared my nudey night with.

Stacey June (left) is one half of The Thinkergirls
Stacey June is one half of The Thinkergirls — who love to chat about all the thoughts you’re thinking but not saying. This topic was discussed in Thinkergirl: The Podcast. Find the girls on Facebook or Youtube.
Friday, September 11, 2015
Karissa Pukas, Youtube Sensation,  joins Thinkergirl: The Podcast!

Hey friends!

You know when that guy stupidly stated that "change is as good as a holiday"? Well he was an idiot, because most of us resist change as much as we resist having to set our alarms every Sunday night. BUT change can be good, damn good. AND over the next few weeks we have changes in store for you! Things are heating up here at Thinkergirl HQ and we think you'll be pleasantly surprised. New videos, new show's, a new home to find us and much, much more! 

We have a new team, some big ideas and a whole lot of spirit fingers ready to BRING IT ON! So whilst everyone's winding down a tough year- keep with us as we are ramping it up to celebrate summer!

This week on Thinkergirl: The Podcast we chat with Karissa Pukas youtube sensation and beauty & fashion vlogger... and we get really up close & personal in the bedroom.

Do you wear make up during sex?
Karissa shares how she likes it in the bedroom. Make up free.

It's never OK to pinch my bum!
Following up to her news.com.au article this week Stace shares the full story about being absolutely livid when her bum is inappropriately pinched in a busy bar.

And Kristie opens up about being slack when it comes to keeping in contact. It is one I think we can all relate too.

Till next week,

Stace & Kristie x
Tuesday, September 8, 2015
‘I’ve always wondered, is my vagina normal?’

‘I’ve always wondered, is my vagina normal?’ 
By Kristie Mercer - The Thinkergirls 
I’VE always been completely and utterly terrified that my vagina is in some way not normal, that it somehow doesn’t stack up against the generally accepted standard of vaginas worldwide.
My whole life, I just assumed that every other woman had the same thought process, this natural curiosity as to whether the lady bits that they’d be given were on par with the next person’s.
I guess it’s normal to compare your physical self to the rest of society. Most of us are constantly stacking ourselves up against the next person — walking down the supermarket aisle, scrolling through Instagram or flicking through a mag in a waiting room. Is my hair as shiny? Are my calves as defined? Does my butt sit the same way in a pair of skinny-legs?
It’s something we learn to do as little kids. Who remembers running nude through the sprinkler with a male cousin or having a bath with their brother and noticing that their private parts look nothing like your own?
“WOAH, IT’S LIKE THERE’S A WORM IN HIS PANTS ... I WANT A WORM TOO MUM!” It’s intriguing to realise that not everybody looks the same as you do.
But as you grow up and the acceptable age of nudity around blood relatives becomes a distant memory, you’re left wondering, “Do I still look like every other girl ‘down there’? And how the hell will I ever know?”

Short of asking my besties to drop their dacks for confirmation, I lived in this thick doubt that I’ve never managed to totally shake. This innocent curiosity as a child has morphed itself into fear. An ugly, tightly wound ball of fear. A fear of being different.
Kristie Mercer is filmed getting a pap smear

Movie stars never seemed to be too concerned about it though. The’d ravage each other until they were panting and naked in broad daylight with each other. No doona. Or strategically placed sheets. With all the lights on. It was the stuff of nightmares. That a guy might be exposed to my private parts and they don’t stack up to the industry standard. What if he sees me naked and laughs? What if he tells his mates? What if he recoils with fear, screams for help and dials triple 000?
“Hello this is an emergency. I’ve just seen my girlfriend’s vagina for the first time and it is not what I expected. Please send help immediately.”
Even down to hair maintenance, I’ve been mindful of what’s on trend in the most ridiculous of circumstances. In the lead up to a routine Pap smear I’ve considered booking a waxing appointment because I figured it would be somehow considerate. I can’t commit to laser hair removal in case years down the track ‘bush is back’ is screamed from the rooftops while I’m left looking like a permanently plucked chicken. God forbid.
I’ve raised these concerns with friends and perhaps you’re thinking exactly what they were ... who actually cares?! Why does it even matter if I am sporting some kind of freak show below the belt? So what if the pubic hair-do of 2015, as showcased by Kim Kardashian’s magazine cover, isn’t something I’ve embodied?
Don’t women encounter enough societal pressure when it comes to our image without the addition of our most sacred and defining body part? Shouldn’t vaginas of all shapes, sizes, variations and colours be celebrated for what they were actually made to do — provide the ultimate physical pleasure and enable the miracle of another human life?
The answer is yes. Of course it’s yes.
It makes me mad at myself that I’ve actually spent a chunk of my life worrying about this petty stuff. Even me, the paranoid, self-doubting, almost-clicked-on-an-ad-for-‘vaginal rejuvenation’ kinda girl knows that this is beyond true. Maybe it’s just taken me a little bit longer to realise it. You can check out Kristie Mercer getting a pap smear for The Thinkergirls #RealLYF series below: